Seven Steps to Successfully Selling Your Property

Although this sounds crazy, your first step in selling is deciding to sell. Many people are unsure even up to the day they sign the contract that they want to sell.Make a definite decision.Go forward with a positive attitude to success.
Having decided to sell you need to establish how the market is in your area.
Attend Open Homes to compare the value of your home. This is also invaluable in selecting the professionalism of an agency.
Surf the Web. The internet is a valuable tool in doing your homework enabling you to compare homes in different areas. It is also great to help you establish where you may want to move to. This is also a fantastic assistance if you are an out of town owner.
Check your local area to see what is for sale so you know what your competition might be.
Having done some homework you will have no doubt experienced some agents that are better than others.
Select an agent that you are comfortable with, after all you are going into business together for a short time.
The agent should display – enthusiasm, professionalism, ethics, confidence, skills, knowledge and most of all a willingness to get you the highest possible price.
The agent of choice should also display good negotiating skills. If they immediately start offering free this and discount that when listing, what will they be like when they have to negotiate with a buyer?
Be sure the Agency that employs your agent is ethical, has a high profile in the area and in their advertising, has a good website and fully supports the sales person.
In Tasmania the three most common methods of sale are:

  • Exclusive Agency
  • Auction
  • Open List

Exclusive Agency – this method puts the property to the market with an advertised price. Generally prospective purchasers will make offers below the listed price and want to negotiate until a mutually agreed price is reached.
Auction – this method ensures you receive the highest price in the market place. The marketing period is a set length of time, contracts carry no conditions.
Open List – This method lists you with as many agents as you decide on. Is not recommended as your property is not regarded as having any priority and no one sales person knows what is happening. This method often results in below market price sales

  1. Window Display
  2. As soon as we are appointed, a colour photograph plus all pertinent details are displayed in our window. Research tells us that very few genuine buyers miss our huge window display.

  3. Maximum Impact Display Advertising
  4. The majority of buyer enquiry to our office comes as a result of our MAXIMUM IMPACT display advertising in the Mercury Real Estate Guide. We have recently upgraded our advertising to include a pictorial of every property advertised at no cost to the seller.

  5. Prominent Signboard
  6. Signboards are the silent salesperson working for you 24 hours a day. The 21% of enquiry which comes to our office as result of seeing a signboard with a TPR logo with which they can identify, simply cannot be ignored.

  7. Marketing Brochure
  8. To promote interest in your property and ensure retention of specific information it is essential that a colour marketing brochure be provided to all prospective buyers.

  9. Saturation Neighbourhood “Drops”
  10. Research tells us that many purchasers are introduced to property for sale by friends who live in the neighbourhood. It is therefore important to selectively saturate the immediate area by way of personally delivered brochures.

  11. Group Inspection
  12. A group inspection allows all members of the Tasmanian Private Realty Sales Team to obtain first hand knowledge of your property with minimum inconvenience to you. Taking approximately ten minutes, the group inspection ensures that all our personnel are able to speak with confidence to prospective buyers.

  13. Buyers Mailing / Contact List
  14. We maintain an extensive list of current prospective buyers. As soon as we are appointed we write and/or telephone these buyers to advise them your property is on the market for sale.

  15. Communication
  16. Point no 8 is arguably the most important part of the proven 10 Point Marketing Plan. We undertake to report to you on progress with all stages of the 10 Point Marketing Plan and to pass on to you immediately all comments made by prospective purchasers. At Tasmanian Private Realty we recognise that selling a property is stressful. We aim to reduce that stress by constantly contacting you with progress reports.

  17. Marketing Strategy
  18. Our aim is to sell your property for the highest possible price in the shortest possible time.

  19. Internet Listings
  20. In keeping up with technology we ensure that all our properties for both rental and sale are advertised on the internet with a full description, price, photos and contact details for inspection, and all details are updated on a regular basis to ensure that your property is marketed to millions of people who surf the net. To look at our current rentals, click on to “Properties For Lease” link. To look at our current sale properties, click on to “Properties For Sale” link.

By this stage in your decision you have made all the decisions, set your advertising and planned the whole campaign. Now is the time for you to sit back, relax and watch the agent of your choice perform his duties. If the agent you selected has the qualities previously mentioned this step is easy.
Don’t hang around the home during inspections of open homes, keep the home presentable and wait for the contracts Many a good sale has been lost because Vendors feel they want to get involved in dealing with potential buyers and unwittingly say the wrong thing or even worse tell what their bottom line is. Your agent is working for you – let them earn that sale.
The day arrives the agent arrives with a contract of sale. Look at this as a positive step forward even if it is below your expectations. Buyers like to negotiate. Counter sign the offer and again let the agent do his job. He should be working for you to get you the best result. The feedback you receive during the marketing will assist you in establishing a fair market price.
Enjoy the process and now you start all over, but this time you are the buyer.