Selling Tips


It is of paramount importance that your home is presented to the market to its very best advantage.

A house that “sparkles “will generally sell faster and at a higher price than a comparable home in a less cared for condition. Additionally, if what a buyer can see is well maintained then what they can’t see is also likely to be well maintained. Always try to view your home, not as the owner, but as a buyer would see the property. Try to remain honest and objective, and don’t go to the market until your home is ready.


Some areas that should be considered are:


As a general rule less is best. Start with the small things and work upward. If you are at all unsure about what to spend, ask one of our agents for their advice. Consider getting a combined pest and building inspection conducted on your property to highlight any areas of concern. Remember that a potential buyer will have those inspections done, so any areas of concern will have to be addressed at some stage.


Street appeal

The old adage still holds true. First impressions are the best impressions. Lawns and garden beds must be neat and tidy. Consider getting a professional in to do the work for you. They are relatively inexpensive and do a wonderful job. Pressure spray paths and walls if required. If in doubt adopt the stance of the critical buyer.



As with cost, less is best but more so. As you are going to move start the packing process and remove clutter from you home. Pack your treasures away in moving boxes and store them in the garage. Try to create a minimalist effect. Again if in doubt ask one of our agents. For those of you that are time poor consider getting in a professional cleaner.


At inspection time

  • Keep the de-clutter theme going.
  • Make the house as bright and airy as possible
  • Turn on the lights and replace any burnt out bulbs.
  • Tidy laundry and kitchen
  • No pets. Take them for a walk


Always look at your property from a buyer’s point of view and remain objective.