Camden Haven


Camden Haven is an area that encompasses communities scattered along the Camden Haven River which include areas such as Dunbogan, Laurieton, North Haven  and stretching as far as Kendall, Lorne and Comboyne.

Laurieton is the main town, situated at the base of North Brother Mountain.  North Brother Mountain is a major tourist attraction with spectacular views stretching as far as Forster and north to Smokey Cape.  The summit is accessible by car, or walking tracks of various lengths and difficulties. The mountain also provides viewing platforms and picnic facilities.  Laurieton is lucky to have retained our Laurieton Plaza Theatre with wheelchair facilities and up to date movies.

Dunbogan is known for its fishing spots and unspoilt beaches that lead from Point Perpendicular to Diamond Head as far as the eye can see. There are views and scenic walks to Point Perpendicular of various lengths.  Pilot beach is an unspoilt beach with few waves, perfect for young families.  On the other side of the breakwall is Washhouse beach, which is unpatrolled.

Kendall , Lorne Valley are art and craft areas.  Kendall is know as ‘Poets Village”. Very scenic areas in the hinterland allow for an enjoyable day out.  Places to visit include Comboyne and Lorne Valley Macadamia Farm. Kew Country Club with its 18 hole golf course and three bowling greens is a great asset to the area and attracts many visitors.